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Image looks great even projected onto my white wall, watchable during the day and beautful at night, have ordered a snowhite alr screen so it's going to get even better.
Very happy with my purchase and was cheaper buying it local then importing from China

I've had this projector for a week now and I'm very happy with it. After all my research on the internet it seemed like the best value of the Xiaomi stream of 4k ust projectors (Xiaomi, Fengmi, and WeMax A300) . Other alternatives such as the Optoma P1 are a lot more expensive and very bulky in comparison and also have their own quirks...

Great mid low cost home projector with high brightness. Daylight viewing is possible with correct Ambient light reflecting screen. Nice compact size, smaller than most 4k competiters. User interface is excellent implementaion of native english Android TV. Colors are good as is contrast. Image sharpness is not quite as good as higher end projectors close up, but at correct vieiwing distance is hard to tell the difference when watching 4K Movie. Only feature missing is the 3D viewing in this model. If you can't afford a $5000 projector this is the next best choice.


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